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“Whakapai Whakapai tamariki maa! Ka pai tamariki maa!”

He keemu whakatika, he keemu whakapai

Nā wai ngā rūma i whakaparuapru ai?! Mā tātau katoa e whakapai nē? Come along and help the Hunia kids as they endeavor to clean each room by mopping the floors, putting their things away, dusting the cobwebs and wipe the walls down. Kia kaha tātau!

Te Reo Maaori

He kupu mihi, he kupu tohuthu. Within “Whakapai” you will find different ways of asking someone to help you do something, you will also hear the words used for mopping, dusting, wiping, returning, and throwing something in the rubbish. Lastly each time a task is completed they will be greeted with praise in te reo Māori.


Neat game!

Nanny Mulley

Ka pai `tō mahi Win

Peterina Ritete

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