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Here are some of our most frequently asked questions with our most honest answers.

How much to make a game?
Good question! It really depends on what you want for your game. Games are made up of scenes, scenes hold all your games functions. For example the infamous Flappy Bird game could be made with 2 scenes, 1st scene = Menu / Title screen. 2nd scene = The actual game play screen. Keep in mind tho Flappy Bird is a side scrolling game meaning the game play screen will never change. If you wanted to add another stage you would need to add another scene, an so on and so forth. A rough ball park figure $300 – $600 per scene.
How do I Māori-fy my game?
Game graphics are made up of sprites, animations, textures and static images. We have a Māori artist / graphic designer from Raglan that can fufull all your Māori design needs. We also have a Māori translator that can help translate your text into te reo Māori. For example we could change the background of Flappy Bird to include your marae. We could change Flappy Bird to look like a Kiwi, with a rocket pack strapped to it’s back (because they can’t fly lol). We could also change the name of Flappy Bird to “He Manu Papaki” or “Kiwi Koretake”. Basically anything you want we can make happen.
Why do your games have a cost? Why are they not free?
The creator of Kōroa, started this business using his own money and borrowed money from the bank. Once he has payed the bank back most future games will be free. We have hopes of entering the 3D game market once we can afford to upgrade our facilities and upskill our staff, so we will need some coin to make that happen. In saying that our aim is still to Normalize te reo Māori in the gaming world.
If you guys are a game development company why do yous offer other I.T services?
The combined I.T experience of our staff exceeds 20 years. 12 Years web and application development. 8 years e-learning and digital fluency. 9 years Māori medium teaching. 9 years Māori design. In other words we have ALOT MORE to offer than just game development, and if we can help in other areas, we are more than happy to help.
What do you guys get upto in your spare time?
All our staff are family orientated but occasionally (as a staff) we enjoy a beer and a game of pool at the local, a whack at the local driving range, and a sing at the local karaoke bar.
What does a completed project include?
Fully functional game design to your specifications. 1 Kōroa Logo screen. 1 Logo Screen. 3 months post production support e.g. installation, glitches etc. Apk game file. All documentation.
What does a completed project NOT include?
It does not include the right for you to sell your game commercially or to claim any of the artwork as you own (unless of course you actually did do the art work lol ).
Can I sell my game on Google Play or iTune stores?
Yep, we will sell you ownership and publishing rights, then you can sell your game for as much or as little as you like.